Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads for Visual Literacy is a bibliography of articles, books, and archival materials that seeks to serve as a detailed web resource for visual literacy. This project seeks to empower the current research community and to encourage educators and scholars to explore the existing literature on visual literacy. The project focuses on three main areas: visual literacy, libraries, and the ACRL Visual Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education; visual literacy across the disciplines; and archival materials about the formation of the International Visual Literacy Association. For more information about the archival materials, please see the Arizona State University’s website about the Benedict Visual Literacy Collection.

This extensive bibliography of visual literacy has been created by Dana Statton Thompson. It is supported by a 2019 Carnegie Whitney Grant from the American Library Association and compiles a number of items focused on visual literacy within libraries and across disciplines, as well as research centered around the ACRL Visual Literacy Standards.

Click to download (PDF) the Recommended Reads poster, presented at the 2019 International Visual Literacy Association Conference, Leuven, Belgium.