Iterative Approach to Implicit Student-Generated Mobile Learning to Promote Visual Literacy and Peer Mediated Learning

Iterative approach to implicit student-generated mobile learning to promote visual literacy and peer mediated learning by Hardy Ernst, William McGaha, and John Harrison

This paper aims to report early findings of the second iteration of an implicit student-generated mobile learning project that promotes visual literacy and peer mediated learning. The first iteration was conducted with first year health science students at the University of Queensland, Australia, in 2013. We found that while the video assessment task may have aided learning for each student around their specific chosen topic, overall course learning outcomes did not improve. This was perhaps due to a failure of the peer mediated learning aspect of the learning activity. Furthermore, the labour intensive nature of the task may have attenuated overall performance in the course. Acting on these findings, we adjusted the visually based, peer-to-peer mobile learning activity accordingly.