Visual Skills in the Context of Lifelong Learning

Visual Skills in the Context of Lifelong Learning by Irena Pulak and Malgorzata Wieczorek-Tomaszewska

This article discusses visual literacy in the context of lifelong learning. The knowledge and ability to interpret images is one of the key elements of information literacy. A person is able to effectively communicate with others, to acquire knowledge about the world and create a new reality, thanks to information and visual competence. Therefore, there is a need to define more precisely and standardise the information and visual knowledge and skills to be used in education. The dynamics of development of technology and digital visualization involves us more and more in the world visual and multimedia communications. Modern methods and environments of learning should be adapted to these changes. The visual culture forces participants to acquire the skill of communication process necessary for the proper and lawful use of images. Clarification of visual skill set is the starting point for educational activities undertaken at different stages of human life.