Copyright and Intellectual Property: Teaching Creatively

Copyright and Intellectual Property: Teaching Creatively by Mason Yang and Gail Flatness.

It is critical for college students to know about intellectual property and copyright and the proper use of images, text, audio and graphics in the digital world, but most undergraduate students have little understanding of what copyright involves and why we want them to learn about it. When invited to present a session to all business and IT freshmen our challenge was to create a presentation that would increase their knowledge of copyright in an engaging, interactive package. We will share our experience working with teaching faculty to plan and implement a program focused on teaching IT undergraduates about digital responsibilities and rights using library 2.0 instruction tools, including Clicker, Prezi, LibGuide, SlideShare, and BlackBoard. The success of the effectiveness of this session has been reflected in student evaluations and their final projects. Teaching plans, session outlines and links to online class materials will be shared. Future plans for expanding this instruction to other majors; reinforcing the concepts introduced in this session through out the major and creating online modules or games as supplementary self-instruction materials will be discussed.