The Teacher Candidates’ Views Concerning the 21st Century Literacy Education Project (LEP)

The Teacher Candidates’ Views Concerning the 21st Century Literacy Education Project (LEP) by Rumie Arslan and Gulbin Zeren Nalinci

Today, the concept of “Literacy” represents reading and writing in various forms of texts which embody knowledge and a range of skills. Different literacies are essential for human to live, work and produce in the society. In order to use communication technologies in educational and teaching processes appropriately, individuals are not only required to become scientifically and technologically literate but also multimedia literate. Within this respect, a Project called “The 21st Century Literacies Education for Teacher Candidates” was conducted with the support of TUBITAK at Amasya University. The aim of the project was to improve the information and skill levels of the teacher candidates concerning the 21st century literacy and to teach benefits of most efficient ways from various literacy types in education and teaching processes. Teacher candidates were provided with information, technological, media, visual and natural and science literacies besides traditional one. The sample of this qualitative study consisted of 24 teacher candidates from 10 different universities. After presentation of each literacy type, the views of teacher candidates were taken. When the teacher candidates’ views were observed, as a result of “21st Century Literacies Education” project it can be said that this education creates awareness and constitutes information, skill and competence that can be used in their future academic lives. According to their feedbacks, individuals that received the 21st century literacy education, expressed that they acquired the skills to access the contents presented in multimedia environment, to understand these accessed contents, interpret them, criticise and reproduce them.