Study on Visual Learning Based on Network Environment

Study on Visual Learning Based on Network Environment by Kedong Li and Ying Li

The paper describes a study of visual learning in a network environment, which includes a new instructional model, the STILE (situation, tools, interaction, lucubration, evaluation) model which is based on Problem Based Learning (PBL). We describe the process of blended learning through a teaching experiment which offers a good reference to teachers. We then describe how this model can be carried out in a network environment efficiently. The experimental results show that visual learning in a network environment can improve the learning effect, which promotes students’ learning from passive to active and leads to a better communication and reflection. This study also shows the effects on improving teachers’ professional development. One aim of this study is to develop students’ 4C (Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity) abilities through a series of activities both offline and online. The other aim is to enrich the theory of visual learning based on network environment and to implement the application of visual technology and the concept of personalized learning into practical teaching.