Welcome to Visual Literacy Today

We live in a visual world. Every day we read, interpret, analyse and communicate with images and there has never been a more important time to engage with the dialogue around visual media. Visual Literacy Today is an ongoing conversation about visual literacy, a field of study and practice that explores how we see and interpret images, how we use visuals to convey meaning and what it means to be literate in a digital age.

This website is home to the Selected Readings of the International Visual Literacy Association, an annual academic and professional publication that brings together the latest research and thinking on visual literacy. The Selected Readings is a peer reviewed publication and includes papers from the IVLA annual conference as well as other relevant research.

As we grow the Visual Literacy Today website we will include interviews with leading experts and practitioners, news and articles from across the globe and highlights from events.

Visual Literacy Today is a collaboration between the International Visual Literacy Association and The Curved House, a European publisher specialising in books, games and resources that integrate visual literacy and education.

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