The Digital Image Guide (DIG) Method

This teaching resource has been submitted by Dana Thompson at Murray State.

Photo by Kaspars Eglitis on Unsplash



Learning Level


Short Overview

The Digital Image Guide (DIG) Method is a resource to help students critically evaluate images. The lesson typically takes a 60 minute class period but can be extended if you have additional time. Originally created by a librarian for other librarians, this teaching resource can be modified to fit most disciplines for most age ranges. Anywhere from 10-40 students/participants is ideal.

Learning Outcomes

– Effectively evaluate images and/or visual media

Resources Required

– Computer
– Internet access
– The DIG Method handout (see PDF)
– Downloads/Attachments


Download the Lesson Outline for the DIG Method (PDF)
Download the The DIG Method Handout (PDF)

Useful Links

Read the article Teaching students to critically read digital images: a visual literacy approach using the DIG method for more information.