WordShop: Teacher Resource

This teaching resource has been submitted by Nicole Candian at Toledo Museum of Art.



Learning Level

Elementary/Primary School (Age 5-11)

Short Overview

This resource will allow you to lead your students through a close looking exercise to introduce and practice using the Language of Art in preparation for their WordShop visit. This approach to looking at art is based on the Art of Seeing Art method created by the Toledo Museum of Art. It is discussion-based and will help you and your students explore a work of art in the Toledo Museum of Art’s collection.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this lesson the student/s will be able to:

– Identify the Elements of Art and apply them to describe a work of art.
– Identify the Principles of Design and apply them to describe a work of art.

Resources Required

Printed material of “Elements of Art and Principles of Design Cards” (available on the activity’s pdf), Projector.


Download the Teacher Resource and Activity (PDF)

Useful Links

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